• Welcome to the 2020/21 FLPR season!

    Liverpool have topped the FLPR table for the past two seasons, can they make it three in a row?

  • Another year for underdogs?

    Luton finished above Chelsea and Tottenham in 2018/19 - who will be this year's surprise package?

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Welcome to the Football League Power Rankings

The Football League Power Rankings uses statistics and data from every Premier League, Championship, League 1 and League 2 game so you know exactly how your team are doing in the 2020/21 season.

The FLPR Table ranks all 92 teams in one comprehensive league based on

Match Result  —  Strength of Opponent  —  Win/Loss Margin

League Position Differential  —  Away wins  —  Clean Sheets

To see the table, click on the ‘FLPR Table’ link.

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Current FLPR Top 10

1 Manchester City 596.539
2 Norwich City 529.437
3 Manchester United 526.300
4 Hull City 518.576
5 Brentford 505.559
6 Liverpool 503.842
7 Watford 501.315
8 Peterborough United 498.987
9 Chelsea 488.597
10 Blackpool 486.037

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